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Author: Grace Ashford

Image courtesy of Huffington Post.

Are you bored at home, with nothing left to do? Already learnt all the TikTok dances you could muster, annoyed every family member you live with and now, are simply moping around the house wondering what’s next? 

I’m going to go right ahead and say what I will one day say to my children: ‘You think you know what boredom is?’ Honestly, boredom is the greatest gift 2020 has blessed us with. What a way to push you out of your usual zone and force you to try something you would never otherwise think of attempting. 

If you haven’t checked off every single item on this Isolation Bucket/To Do List, I don’t want to hear you so much as utter the word boredom. 

So, go on, try some (or all!) of the following. I dare you and support you in equal measure.

  •  Adopt a pet rock and paint a face on it with white-out.
  • Shave your eyebrows off (Cute quarantine cut!). 
  • Learn Les Misérables in its entirety. 
  • Make slime (Google it. Not hard).
  • Learn how to do a handstand.
  • Learn the rap verse in Nicki Minaj’s Bottoms Up.
  • Stare out every window in your house for two minutes each, then give yourself three minutes to write down as much as you can remember.
  • Go back and see how much you got right and how much you missed.
  • Prank calls! (but let everyone you prank know that you’re thinking of them and you want them to have a lovely day and that they should stay safe).
  • Chubby bunny challenge but with Easter eggs. 
  • Do as Giselle did in Enchanted and make an outfit out of your household curtains (parental figures/housemates might get irritable, but just again…just ask them if they even know what boredom is).
  • Make a bug catcher and see if you can score a new pet ant.
  • If it’s raining, go outside and see how long it takes to fill up a whole glass of water straight from the sky.
  • Discover a new way to fold underwear.
  • Listen to the words of Come On Eileen and, without googling the lyrics, try to decipher what is being said.
  • Spend a whole day only communicating in alphabetical order, i.e. ‘ALLO, Baby! Come dance especially frightening. Good heed!’
  • Name each of your toes based on their characteristic traits.
  • Give yourself those really skinny braids that kids would always come home with in primary school after their family trip to Bali.
  • Adopt the personality of Cher in Mamma Mia 2.
  • Adopt the personality of Sue Sylvester from Glee.
  • Send Lorde a Twitter message every day telling her how lovely her eyebrows are until she replies. 
  • Eat a whole bag of desiccated coconut, one shred of coconut at a time.
  • Make a mosaic out of old clothes.
  • Spend an hour trying to come up with reasons why people even like that tiger show on Netflix. 
  • Record a cover of Lana Del Rey’s Video Games in Simlish.
  • Braid your body hair.
  • Shave a little love heart into your body hair.
  • Give yourself a French tip manicure with whiteout (for those Grade 4 vibes). 
  • Floss your teeth.
  • Write a journal entry from the perspective of an escaped criminal in 18th century London.
  • Eat a raw onion in an attempt to see if you can understand Tony Abbott in the slightest.
  • Wax your eyebrows with a piece of tape.
  • Try to drink an entire cup of water using an empty toilet paper roll as a straw.
  • Download movies onto your laptop illegally ‘til your laptop gets a virus. (so it doesn’t feel left out). 
  • Write a song about being bored.

Go on. Get cracking. And share your boredom-busting ideas with us using the hashtag #IsoBucketList. 

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