contribute (print)

At SWINE we are always looking for new people to get involved.

We publish all kinds of content – as long as it fits the theme of the edition you’re submitting to, and as long as you’re a past or present Swinburne student: prose, poetry, features,  opinion pieces, interviews, artwork, photography – send us your stuff, we would love to see it.

If you are submitting a written piece, send your work across as a Word document, double spaced, in 12-point font to with the subject line ‘SWINE Print Submission’.

If your work is of a visual nature; design, illustration, or art in general, email your submission to both with the subject line ‘SWINE Print Submission’. 

3 thoughts on “contribute (print)

  1. I’m a social networking consultant for a band, and am currently enrolled in Bachelor of Business/Public Relations at Swinburne and would be interested in any positions to do with the marketing of the SWINE magazine. 🙂
    -Gemma Mary

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  2. Hi there,

    We run a travel blog and were wondering if there was any possibility of contributing to the SWINE, I am currently enrolled at Swinburne. We were thinking along the lines of a travel article for student. Cheapest holiday destination for summer, best flight prices etc.

    Here is our travel blog with a few written pieces as exampels

    Check it out and let us know if you would be interested in us writing something for your publication 🙂


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