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The moon. She gives you company and comfort when the sun retires, when the air grows thin and pierces your skin. She guards you until your eyelids go heavy and she lingers when you rise with the sun. You watch the sky as time takes her away and you count the minutes until the sun […]

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Three Brothers on a Train

There are three brothers on a train. David sits by the window. Jamie sits to David’s right. Clive sits to Jamie’s right. Jamie sits in the middle because his younger brothers don’t like to sit in the middle. Jamie is so nervous he feels his fingers trembling, but because his younger brothers are tense today about going where they’re going, Jamie pretends he isn’t anxious

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Hold Tightly

May 21, 2023 Writing
This piece was awarded first place in the Swinburne Sudden Writing Competition The delivery-person appeared as a dark shape against the brilliant setting sun at the front door. The last time people had come to the door silhouetted like that, I was 4 years old, making Mum a tea. Apparently, that’s not what 4-year-olds do, […]

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