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Pearly Whites



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I know I have survived the cold, harsh winter because the sun
is shining down on my face again.  

My freckles have returned after their disappearance.

I welcome them back with open arms.

Little light spots, sun kisses.   


My body rides the wave I am gliding on, a gentle pulse, carrying me along.

For the first time in my life I feel as if I am truly in the current.

And yet. 


Bottomless black tides push and pull, shoving and demanding.  

I am split between the essence of reality and self.  


My heart caught in the past like a gasping fish,
desperately flopping between two worlds.  

Crimson brine oozing out.

My mind, cast out into the future.
A long long long line
being pulled by wrinkled hands.

Shrinking, unravelling.

My body.  

My vessel.  

Sinking into the deep.  


Flecks of light puncture fathoms, lifting me out out out.

Heart and body and mind,  

woven as one again.

I will ride this wave until I reach the shore, where my bare feet
will graze on delicate sands.  


Where the universe will sparkle oh so lightly,  

I reach up to the lunar lady whilst drifting in the depths.

Pearly whites glisten in the dark. 

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