On The Cat Lady, Depression, and Suicide

Content Warning: This article discusses depression and suicide. Despite it’s seemingly silly and lighthearted name, The Cat Lady is not a fun game. Thinking perhaps to get a small game about feeding cats, I instead was faced with a woman’s suicide. Emotionally taxing, draining, and heartbreaking, I found myself taking frequent breaks to just do…

On Firewatch, Conspiracy, and Horror

My first introduction to Firewatch was ironic actually.  I was out with some friends at a picnic, talking about the idea of a summer away from real life. What drives a person to flee like that? What does that ultimately do to a person? A friend told me he was in the middle of a game…

I Hate Videogames

I never liked calling myself a ‘gamer’. I prefer “person who plays a lot of video games, but not too much, because he also has a life”, which I feel rolls off the tongue more.

“Soggy, Smelly, Rotten Muck”

To some, that string of words may be repulsive, to others it is more than nature at its finest, it is home. With this graphic imagery, I invite you to place yourself in the shoes of someone who lives zero waste – which could well mean no shoes at all.

Your Parents Are Human, Too

“I think it has to be a moment of weakness… like a person’s… human-ness I guess is shown with like, raw emotion. My Dad cried at my Grandpa’s funeral and I had never seen him like that before. He isn’t really one to let his feelings show, so when he let it all out like that I saw that he wasn’t just like, my Dad, he’s just another human being too.”

The Elephant in the Room

We may have denied stealing the cookie from the cookie jar in grade five, but as mature adults, the future of Australia, we can no longer deny that rising sea levels, unstable weather conditions and the acidification of oceans are pressing issues affected by our dependence on fossil fuels.

SWINE in Japan.

Our editor in chief Nicholas is in Japan at the moment having a grand old time. Here are some photos of his travels to Kyoto so far.

A Parlour for Some

In case you didn’t see it, the basic gist is that local Melbourne singer-songwriter Matt Walters launched the platform in January in order to cut out the middlemen (venues, booking agents and the like) and make the planning of gigs a simple transaction between artists an fans. The artist? Anyone you want. The venue? Your house (or kitchen, or backyard, or granny flat).

Good & Bad in Porn – Thoughts on Netflix’s “Hot Girls Wanted”

In conversation with my girlfriend after the documentary ended, one thing that consistently came up was this justification commonly found in the industry, especially in regards to abuse porn, that ‘at least its just on the computer’, but having thought about it over the past few days, I’m left wondering if that’s entirely true.

REVIEW | What Rhymes With Cars and Girls

What Rhymes with Cars and Girls is the first of three premieres in the Melbourne Theatre Companies 2015 season. The play portrays two Australian lovers, Jonno and Tash, from very different backgrounds, as they struggle to overcome the class-divide between their families.