On The Cat Lady, Depression, and Suicide

Content Warning: This article discusses depression and suicide. Despite it’s seemingly silly and lighthearted name, The Cat Lady is not a fun game. Thinking perhaps to get a small game about feeding cats, I instead was faced with a woman’s suicide. Emotionally taxing, draining, and heartbreaking, I found myself taking frequent breaks to just do…

I Hate Videogames

I never liked calling myself a ‘gamer’. I prefer “person who plays a lot of video games, but not too much, because he also has a life”, which I feel rolls off the tongue more.


Much like Lana Del Ray’s Ultraviolence did, Mind of Mine has become a selfsustaining engine that generates sales and discourse sheerly through black-andwhite Instagram posts. And like Lana, Zayn fully, unequivocally delivers.


Rhythm Method is dreamy and raw, with an Australian theme that also sounds like something you can’t quite put your finger on. Being unable to work it out is what makes this LP great – it keeps you guessing.

“Soggy, Smelly, Rotten Muck”

To some, that string of words may be repulsive, to others it is more than nature at its finest, it is home. With this graphic imagery, I invite you to place yourself in the shoes of someone who lives zero waste – which could well mean no shoes at all.

Join the Swinburne Aviation Society!

Swinburne Aviation Society is an organisation focused on giving aviation-minded students a fun social environment and providing additional support for gaining insight with aviation.

Your Parents Are Human, Too

“I think it has to be a moment of weakness… like a person’s… human-ness I guess is shown with like, raw emotion. My Dad cried at my Grandpa’s funeral and I had never seen him like that before. He isn’t really one to let his feelings show, so when he let it all out like that I saw that he wasn’t just like, my Dad, he’s just another human being too.”


Events like these remind the LGBTIQ Community and wider Victorian community as a whole that Pride is about bringing people together and celebrating our differences…

The Elephant in the Room

We may have denied stealing the cookie from the cookie jar in grade five, but as mature adults, the future of Australia, we can no longer deny that rising sea levels, unstable weather conditions and the acidification of oceans are pressing issues affected by our dependence on fossil fuels.

Local Legends: Join The Resistance

Local Legends is SWINE’s local businesses section where we let you know about the best places around Swinburne to eat, drink, or just have fun. The Resistance is a new bar and cafe nestled up an alleyway next to Glenferrie train station, well within pointing distance of Swinburne. Just down from Oscar Mikes and directly…

SWINE in Japan.

Our editor in chief Nicholas is in Japan at the moment having a grand old time. Here are some photos of his travels to Kyoto so far.