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Our print edition is released quarterly and we’re working on revamping our online space so it’s always active! SWINE is designed to provide Swinburne students with a platform to publish their content – we’re talking articles, analyses, poetry, prose, reviews, multimedia, art, photography and everything in between.


meet the team  

Editor: Tina Tsironis
I’m a Masters of Writing student who is seriously obsessed with Nando’s Peri Peri sauce. I’m serious – if you offered me that shit on a spoon, I’d slurp it straight up.
When I’m being slightly more ‘normal’, as if that’s a thing, you’ll probably find me binge-watching BoJack Horseman or nose-deep in a good book. Or throwing cheese into my mouth. Probably all of the above.

Designer: Zoe Abletez
Hello! Fourth year Product Design Engineering student here who very much loves design with her whole heart and soul. (Everything is design, feel free to quote me on that.)
Otherwise notoriously known for loving bed linen, art, plants, and baking brownies. Those shitty Betty Crocker box ones from the supermarket only. That’s where it’s at.