what you should drink based on your star sign


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Author: Rachel Lloyd-Owens

Header image by Mae Mu via Unsplash.



Your fiery, dad-like energy makes you very entertaining at parties. You’re probably the type of person to ~loudly~ announce that you’re about to do a shoey – good for you. A beer is your perfect drink: It’s tough, it does the job and it’s a staple beverage loved (and hated) by many.



As a drink, champagne describes your personality to a tee: you’re bubbly, enjoyable at all hours, and you dress to impress…and you probably adore your brunch. Sometimes you go a bit overboard but that’s okay, it’s all part of the celebration.


White wine

Classy, yet also a little trashy; the ultra-recognisable duality of a Gemini. You love to socialise and hang out with your friends and like white wine, you’re enjoyed by many. Whether you’re dry like Pinot Grigio, or sweet like Moscato, you’re fun to be around regardless. 


Gin and tonic

You’re like the mother everybody needs, and nobody asked for. Sometimes after a long day of caring too much for people, you need to knock back a drink and feel large and in charge. A G&T has you covered: the essence of unique flavours combined with a squeeze of lime will make you feel like your true self; refreshed and grown-up.


Tequila sunrise

A flashy flavourful fire sign like yourself needs something with some extra zing to match your energy. Ruled by the sun, Leos are bright entertainers – you always let people know you’re here to shine. The powerful tang of tequila mixed with the pretty colours of a sunset, and the citrusy flavour of orange juice reflect your fiery attitude and your confidence. 


Red wine

Virgos are often aligned with purity. You like things simple, easy and neat, so red wine is the drink for you. It suits your class, your even temperament and your superior, mature energy, while reflecting your hardiness and your deep ability to love. As a Virgo, you can’t go wrong with a glass of red. 



As an air sign ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and romance, you’re always looking for fun. You love to socialise, flirt and party. You are open minded and relaxed, and always looking to try new things. Daiquiris are a fun drink, full of fruity flavours and served in a pretty glass, representing the side of you that loves to look good. 



Scorpios radiate a very feminine, darker kind of energy. Like a tall woman dressed in all black with gigantic sunglasses, who walks with purpose. A cosmopolitan is a classy drink that matches your deep and mysterious vibe. When you see a person order a cosmopolitan, you know to approach with caution. It’s a drink that means business. 



Like the tequila sunrise to a Leo, a sangria matches your fiery energy perfectly. You tell it how it is, and you have no time to mess around. A sangria is bold and fruity and shows off your entertaining yet kind-of scary personality. Good on a hot summer’s day or in freezing cold winter, like a sangria, a Sagittarius bursts with flavour and doesn’t let the outside world affect its impact.


Whiskey sour

Ruled by Saturn, you’re such a hard worker that you’re probably always tired at the end of the day. Feeling this planet’s hardship and discipline deeply, you deserve a drink that’s gonna burst with flavour and knock you back into relaxation mode. A whiskey sour is flavourful and earthy and, like a Capricorn, tough as nails but with a fun, flirty, criminally underrated flavour.


Vodka lime soda

Aquarius is an air sign, commonly seen as easy going yet analytical and assertive. You’re light and breezy like an easy, fun and refreshing vodka soda. Your free spirit needs a drink that reflects your gentle airy personality and won’t make you feel sick or slow you down.


Blue lagoon

Full of emotions and love for the world, you seek out friendships and a fun, sweet lifestyle. You are open to amusement and adventure, almost a little too intensely. A blue lagoon is a sweet, fun drink that represents a Pisces’ energy almost perfectly. All in all, you are candy for the sweet tooth: a little sickly sweet, but adored and loved by everybody.

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