The theme for issue 01 of 2022 is…


We’re really keen to see all of your unique takes on this theme and what “belonging” means to you. We’re open to all types of writing, art, and media, so go wild! We do recommend sending us a quick email before you get started, just to make sure you don’t accidentally double-up on an idea with someone else.

Feel free to follow your own idea (if the wheels are already turning, check out the submission details below), but we’ve also got some optional prompts to inspire some ideas:

  • How have you been able to connect with community? What has this meant to you?
  • Write about a time that you felt like a fish out of water. This could something big or small, a funny experience or one that has really stuck with you.
  • Show us your world-building – what is something that makes your character belong in their universe? Alternatively, give us some insight into a character that absolutely shouldn’t belong in the universe they’ve found themselves in.
  • Think back to your childhood – what was your favourite toy/comfort item/belonging? What did it mean to you as a kid?
  • Found family is objectively one of the best tropes out there. Write a listicle about your favourite found families in fiction, or maybe do a deep dive into what makes the trope so compelling for audiences.
  • Consider an item (real or not) that you want to own. Why do you want it? How would things change if you had it?

Send your pitches and submissions to Check out our contribute page for some general guidelines on what your work should look like (e.g., please only submit writing as a Word document).

Submissions close at midnight of Wednesday 5 January 2022.

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