edition #1 prompts


Our first theme for 2021 is….SOCIAL

If you’re looking for some prompts to get you started, here are some ideas:

  • You might like to write about social groups, care and connection. What are some of the ways our society cares for each other (or perhaps fails to…)
  • Are there any social justice issues that are particularly meaningful to you? Tell us all about them!
  • Tell us how your social connections may have changed or adapted (good and bad) due to Covid, or some other big change, such as moving to the city to start university, or outgrowing a friendship group.
  • Write a review or analysis on Netflix’s documentary The Social Dilemma. Or flashback to The Social Network and reflect on the impact Facebook has had (for better AND worse).
  • Are you studying one of the social sciences? Maybe you have learned something you think the rest of us really need to know.
  • You could tackle an aspect of social media – see if you can come at it from a new angle.
  • Maybe you’ve had a defining experience at a party or social gathering, or you want to tell us about your social life – share some social commentary or a slice-of-life with us.
  • Write about a friendship or relationship that has shaped you.


Remember, we are open to all types of writing, art and design. Send us your fiction, personal essays, opinion pieces, poetry, photographs or whatever else you’d like to pitch.



Submit your work to: editor@ssu.org.au

Submissions close January 13th 2021