edition #2 prompts


Our current theme is….WHIMSICAL

We’re always excited for you to interpret a theme in whatever way speaks to you. If you’re already sparking with ideas, jump to the end and get the details for how to send your pitch along straight away. If you’d like a little more guidance or a kicking-off point, here’s some broad ideas to get you started:

  • Take this opportunity to really stretch your fiction muscles – is there a style you’ve never done before? Something a bit odd, unusual, or experimental? This is your chance to try it out.
  • When was the last time you made a decision (big or small) on a whim? Tell us how it played out (for better or worse!)
  • Draw or design your perfect escape or the place you’d rather be. Let your imagination run wild.
  • What images does whimsical bring up for you? Fairy tales, fantasy, nostalgia? Use that imagery (or whatever shows up when you plug those terms in your favourite search engine!) to get your creative ideas flowing.
  • Write a creative, quirky or kind-of-serious how-to or listicle about a topic you think you’re an expert in.


Remember, we are open to all types of writing, art and design. Send us your fiction, personal essays, opinion pieces, poetry, photographs, illustrations or whatever else you’d like to pitch.



Submit your work to: editor@ssu.org.au
More info here about the practical details of what submitting your content should look like.

Submissions close midnight, March 12th, 2021