edition #3 prompts

Resilience is not the absence of distress or difficulty. Resilience is the ability to adapt and grow following adversity.

If you know you would like to write something for our Resilience issue, but you’re not sure how exactly you could interpret the theme, worry not! Our editing team has you covered with some insightful, powerful content prompts below.

  • Write about a personal experience (in whatever form) where your ability to adapt and grow was challenged.
  • Write a 10 Ways to Build Resilience listicle (it can be amusing, drawing solely on your own experiences, or straightforward, à la the APA’s article).
  • Write a feature article about the Resilience Project (https://theresilienceproject.com.au/about/) featuring comments from the founders about why they started the projects, and on their own experiences building resilience.
  • Explore the ‘trap’ of toxic positivity and how it is different to resilience.

Or, you could write a story or article centred around the following words, themes, and prompts:


  • Shame (you could draw on The Shame Resilience Theory, which was developed by author and researcher Brené Brown).
  • Self-compassion.
  • Seeking help.
  • Reflection (example: journaling/writing is one way of developing resilience. Come up with a bunch of prompts or ideas that others could use to reflect on their own experiences).
  • “They had been waiting for this day for five years…”
  • A story about receiving the Queen’s 100th birthday letter.
  • A conversation between two strangers during a chemotherapy session.
  • “Everything was different after the war…”
  • A story about addiction.
  • Coming out as queer in high school.
  • “We heard gunshots again last night…”
  • An old person’s hands.
  • The last day of an eleven-year prison sentence.
  • “I took one last deep breath…”
  • A mother in a refugee camp.
  • Training for something few have ever accomplished.

Also, Swinburne’s H.Squad is running a Resilience Week beginning on the 16th of August. They’ll be posting an array of useful resilience-related content on their social media throughout this week, so make sure you follow their Instagram (@h.squad_swinburne) if you’re still stuck on ideas!