edition #4 prompts


Our current theme is…NEXT


We’re always excited to see you interpret our themes in whatever way speaks to you. If you’re already sparking with ideas and want to let us know what you’re thinking, jump to the end for details on submitting your pitch to us right away. If you’d like a little more guidance or a kicking-off point, here’s some broad ideas to get you started:


  • Think about a time you experienced a meaningful event or experience. What happened next?
  • What do you have planned next for your life? Give us a humorous, insightful, or reflective look into your world.
  • Get creative! This theme is ideal for any of you fantasy, speculative or science fiction writers.
  • What are some predictions in technology, science, or the arts? Research and let us know – and don’t be afraid to put your own personal spin on things if you feel like it. We’d like to hear your thoughts, too!
  • Put together a mixed media collage, graphic, or photograph depicting how you predict the world will look in the future.
  • Let your imagination run wild – what are your hopes for the future of the planet? Think about changes you would like to see, and maybe let us know how you think we could get there.
  • Write a creative, quirky, or kind of serious how-to or listicle, about a topic you fancy yourself an expert in.


Remember, we are open to all types of writing, art, and design.

Send us your fiction, personal essays, opinion pieces, poetry, photographs, illustrations or whatever else you’d like to pitch.

It’s always a good idea to send us a quick email before you start writing, to make sure you don’t double up on an idea that someone has already started.


Submit your work to: editor@ssu.org.au

More info is available here on what your submission file should look like (please ensure you submit in a word document, not pdf).


Submissions close midnight, July 19th, 2021