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Southern Exposure – Photography by Maelle Ramsay

If you didn’t hear, Swinburne students Maelle Ramsay and Tristan James Evans are about to put out a documentary called ‘Southern Exposure’, in which they follow around a bunch of dudes while they highline their way around The Blue Mountains and the Tasmanian Peninsula. You can check out the trailer here. Maelle also took a bunch of photos on their trip as well, and has graciously shared some with us! Check them out below.

A Parlour for Some

In case you didn’t see it, the basic gist is that local Melbourne singer-songwriter Matt Walters launched the platform in January in order to cut out the middlemen (venues, booking agents and the like) and make the planning of gigs a simple transaction between artists an fans. The artist? Anyone you want. The venue? Your house (or kitchen, or backyard, or granny flat).

The Right to Be Casual

By Danielle Thompson For some casual employees, asking for a Saturday off causes serious pangs of guilt. Knowing that they may not be rostered on for a while, it can be hard to pass up weekend rates. The average casual employee also often suffers cancelled shifts only hours before they are dressed and ready to head out the door for work. Frequently, a shift of mine has been cancelled with hour or less notice, crippling my plans and my weekly budget. As full-time work becomes harder to get a hold of and many of us find ourselves in casual jobs during and after our uni stint, it is important to know what, as a casual worker we are entitled to. Zana Bytheway, Executive Director at Job Watch, said that she has noticed casual employment growing for a number of years, particularly with young people and women. Amelia Murphy, a law student and chronic casual employee, has found herself at some time or another within the realms of retail or reception work, hospitality and even farming. …