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Swinburne University to adopt Responsible Investment Charter

A new ‘Responsible Investment Charter’ – which was approved by the university council on the 1st December and officially announced yesterday – has contained “potential divestment processes” related to fossil fuel extraction, tobacco production, cluster munitions and anti-personnel landmines. The charter includes preliminary language which sets out what seems to be the universities intention to divest from companies that fail to meet environmental, social, and ethical standards. The decision comes after a year of pressure from students and staff within the Fossil Free Swinburne group. “We welcome Swinburne’s announcement today and commend the university on its leadership among higher education institutions in Australia” said Fossil Free Swinburne spokesperson Garrity Hill in a press statement. Swinburne University of Technology currently has a total investment portfolio of $150 million, which includes cash investments, it is unclear how much of this will be affected by the charter, and to what extent. You can read and download the charter here.

Local Legends: Join The Resistance

Local Legends is SWINE’s local businesses section where we let you know about the best places around Swinburne to eat, drink, or just have fun. The Resistance is a new bar and cafe nestled up an alleyway next to Glenferrie train station, well within pointing distance of Swinburne. Just down from Oscar Mikes and directly across from Aussie Disposals, The Resistance is an exciting new venue that has a lot on offer to the Swinburne community, specifically students.  When you enter the front door of the new Hawthorn hot spot you become more than just a customer, you become a part of The Resistance,  a place that goes on its own clock and where worries of the outside world seem obsolete. The reason The Resistance is such a great addition to the Swinburne community is that owner and manager Kona has made an open invite for any students to use the space. I went and spoke to Kona last week and he is excited at the prospect of getting Swinburne students involved. “We’re all about creating culture and …

Swin-cencere Speeches

By Rhys Pope After years struggling through brick sized books, all nighters and serious expenditure on highlighters and printer ink, it seems only fair that graduation should be all about how much we students have learned, how hard we have worked, how much we have matured.