REVIEW | Captain Fantastic

Captain Fantastic is a 2016 film directed by Matt Ross and stars Viggo Mortensen as Ben Cash. The story follows Cash and his six children sequestered away from society, living in the woods. Cash and his wife decided to live separate from society, vigorously training their children to be at their peak of mental and physical ability.

REVIEW | Beware The Slenderman

There are a lot of things parents have to worry about these days. Are my kids spending too much time online? Is my daughter becoming a psychopath? Is my son going to be snatched by a mythical character that looks like an emaciated Benedict Cumberbatch in a suit?

REVIEW | A Hologram for a King

There is only one word that I could use to successfully describe Tom Tykwer’s, A Hologram for the King; average. Undeniably, horribly, average.

On Firewatch, Conspiracy, and Horror

My first introduction to Firewatch was ironic actually.  I was out with some friends at a picnic, talking about the idea of a summer away from real life. What drives a person to flee like that? What does that ultimately do to a person? A friend told me he was in the middle of a game…


Much like Lana Del Ray’s Ultraviolence did, Mind of Mine has become a selfsustaining engine that generates sales and discourse sheerly through black-andwhite Instagram posts. And like Lana, Zayn fully, unequivocally delivers.

REVIEW | Melbourne, Florida – Dick Diver

Expanding their repertoire with buzzing synthesisers and horns, Melbourne, Florida is less immediate than 2013’s Calendar Days, allowing more time for an intro here, or a bouncy synth outro there.

REVIEW | Viet Cong – Viet Cong

Comprised of past members of now defunct art rock outfit Women, Viet Cong have emerged screeching and thrashing with a set of seven songs that cast bloodshot eyes over elements of punk, new wave, post-punk, and art rock.

REVIEW | Jupiter Ascending

While the film is full of impressive computer generated images, the emphasis upon graphics distracts from the screenplay, and therefore it can be very easy for the audience to get lost within the story.

REVIEW | Not that Kind of Girl

While at times the memoir offers some humour, the majority reflects the dark struggles faced by Dunham in relation to her mental health or toxic relationships.

REVIEW | Paper Planes

Considering that the film was intended for a young audience, Connelly and writer Steve Worland create a powerful screenplay, complimented by wonderful cinematography.