“Soggy, Smelly, Rotten Muck”

To some, that string of words may be repulsive, to others it is more than nature at its finest, it is home. With this graphic imagery, I invite you to place yourself in the shoes of someone who lives zero waste – which could well mean no shoes at all.

Join the Swinburne Aviation Society!

Swinburne Aviation Society is an organisation focused on giving aviation-minded students a fun social environment and providing additional support for gaining insight with aviation.

Safety in Numbers – Defending the Safe Schools Program

By Alec Young Growing up a closeted bisexual in the Catholic school system was never easy, even if I know that I had a better time than most. Throughout my time at an all-boys high school, derogatory terms for gay, lesbian and trans people were used as common insults, though to the credit of my…

Document On TAFE Fee Deregulation Leaked

Proposed changes are to take away states’ autonomy when it comes to allocating funding to public TAFE institutes and place them in control of the federal government based on advice from a panel of industry experts.


Events like these remind the LGBTIQ Community and wider Victorian community as a whole that Pride is about bringing people together and celebrating our differences…

Swinburne University to adopt Responsible Investment Charter

A new ‘Responsible Investment Charter’ – which was approved by the university council on the 1st December and officially announced yesterday – has contained “potential divestment processes” related to fossil fuel extraction, tobacco production, cluster munitions and anti-personnel landmines. The charter includes preliminary language which sets out what seems to be the universities intention to divest…

The Elephant in the Room

We may have denied stealing the cookie from the cookie jar in grade five, but as mature adults, the future of Australia, we can no longer deny that rising sea levels, unstable weather conditions and the acidification of oceans are pressing issues affected by our dependence on fossil fuels.

Local Legends: Join The Resistance

Local Legends is SWINE’s local businesses section where we let you know about the best places around Swinburne to eat, drink, or just have fun. The Resistance is a new bar and cafe nestled up an alleyway next to Glenferrie train station, well within pointing distance of Swinburne. Just down from Oscar Mikes and directly…

SWINE in Japan.

Our editor in chief Nicholas is in Japan at the moment having a grand old time. Here are some photos of his travels to Kyoto so far.