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Unsure what to submit, or having some trouble figuring out how to interpret SWINE’s latest print edition theme (REPRESENTATION) for your work?

The list below might be able to help. We’ve put together a collection of prompts that might get your creative juices flowing. This theme is wide-ranging and can be interpreted in a multitude of manners, so we’ve kept ideas quite general – feel free to tweak them so they’re more unique to you.

If you already have your own spin on the theme, by all means shoot it through to – the list below is merely intended to spark your imagination if needed. Submissions close Midnight 20th March.

Why Representation Matters

Representations of minority groups, mental illness, gender, sexuality, disability, and youth in popular culture are becoming increasingly multifaceted and diverse. This is clearly a positive development; one that can have potentially transformational effects on the lives of people  who see their lives and struggles mirrored in media in realistic ways.

Poor and even downright stereotypical or harmful representations are still common, however, highlighting the need to call out damaging discourse while analysing ‘positive’ representation’.

Tell me about a recent piece of pop culture – a TV show, book, YouTube series, whatever you like, that has helped you make better sense of your own mental illness, inspired you to get help, or simply stirred some positive feelings within you- if I was writing this article my example would be BoJack Horseman.

Or you could even write about something that has done the opposite for you.

Reframing Media and Political Discourse on Domestic Violence

The horrific murder of Hannah Clarke and her children is not the first domestic violence incident to be poorly reported on by the media.

If you were a journalist covering these all too common crimes, how would your stories be different? How would you reframe your language, or the types of headlines you use, or even the way you ‘sell’ your story to your Editor-In-Chief?

How might our Federal and State governments help prevent these crimes through a shift in focus, funding, or legislation?

Tell us…or show us.

Representation in Practice

Rather than writing about representation, represent yourself through creative means – art, photography, creative writing, poetry. Highlight an aspect of yourself/your life that you feel could benefit from greater representation within society and/or in the media. This might relate to your ethnicity, gender, appearance, sexuality, experience being in a toxic relationship or growing up in a not-so-loving family unit…the sky’s the limit. Tell us your story, in a way that is unique and special to you.

Image by Charles Deluvio.