Unsure what to submit, or having some trouble figuring out how to interpret SWINE’s latest print edition theme (RECREATION) for your work?

The list below might be able to help. We’ve put together a collection of prompts that might get your creative juices flowing.

If you already have your own spin on the theme, by all means shoot it through to – the list below is merely intended to spark your imagination if needed. Submissions close Midnight 13th January.

Recreational Sobriety: Many of us partake in boozing and drug taking throughout uni, but many of us don’t. Explore the ins and outs of being sober while at uni, whether you’re permanently sober or went dry for a brief period in your uni career.

What’s with Australia’s Idea of Culture, Anyway?

International students, we want you! Write a piece on your experience navigating Australia’s unique cultural/recreational landscape. Contrast with any special customs/recreational activities unique to that of your home country.

Balancing Recreation and Real Life: Living with chronic, mental or physical illness can be difficult enough as it is. Things become all the more tricky when we add a dash of socialising into the mix. Explore the challenges and potential strategies of achieving a greater quality of life while living with illness.

For Fuck’s sake, it’s Festival Season: Whether you like them or whether the mere mention of one triggers your gag reflex, festivals are here to stay in Australia – for now, at least. Write a love letter or a hate note to your favourite/least favourite festival, or to festival culture in general. Remember: no personal attacks.

How I Found Myself through Travel: A Cliche Take your pick: this story can praise or decry the ever-popular ‘finding yourself through travel’ discourse, or even a bit of both. Write a story how you found yourself by camping, travelling to Europe, or even attending a festival. Or, outline the less savoury aspects of travel. All perspectives are welcome.

What Leisure Means to Me: We want personal perspectives on self-care. Whether your idea of recreation errs towards sport, shopping, parties, art, or even binge-watching Disney Plus: send us your stories. 200 words max – if your work is accepted it will form part of a series. 🙂

Festival Art/Photography: Send us your craziest, most colourful stuff – or even some solid mid-action music shots will do.

Travel-focused Art/Photography: Can be cliche, but if you have something zany and a little out of the box we’d love you forever if you shared.