The first theme for 2023 is…




Pearly white, rotten and gnashing. Leave them beneath your pillow and awake to find gold. Amongst the crowding, search out a familiar smile—or is it a grimace? Pull them up, up from the root, aching and budding, and tongue the coppery gaps where they used to be. Zip them up, saw them through, watch closely as they grow long and sharp.
Sink yours into the first theme of Swine issue 1; TEETH

We cannot wait to hear your interpretations of our first theme. Be as experimental or literal as you like, the theme is there to guide not hinder. Follow whatever inspiration strikes, be it a colour or feeling or abstract philosophy.

Submissions are open to ALL forms of media and we especially encourage visual artists and non-fiction writers to submit. There is a place at Swine for all types of content, the magazine aims to reflect the scope of creative diversity at Swinburne.

Send your submissions, pitches, or ideas to

Submissions close midnight February 12th 2023

Note: For submissions longer than 1500 words send us a quick email with your pitch before submission! This helps give us an idea of where you want to go before you put in all the effort of creating a submission. Please also include any relevant content warnings for any sensitive content that your piece contains.