The theme for issue 03 of 2022 is…



We’re really keen to see all of your unique takes on this theme and what “transition” means to you. We’re open to all types of writing, art, and media, so go wild! We do recommend sending us a quick email before you get started, just to make sure you don’t accidentally double-up on an idea with someone else. (Especially if you’re writing about uni for this theme!)


Feel free to follow your own idea (if the gears are already turning, check out the submission details below), but we’ve also got some optional prompts to inspire some ideas:


 Your character finds themself in an alternate universe. How do they figure it out? What’s different? How do they adjust?

Try experimenting with hybrid forms, combining different styles of writing into one piece, switching between tone and style and perspective and tense.

A building sits, waiting. It used to be constantly full of people, but it has been empty for many years now. It has seen much. What stories does it have to tell?

Show us a transition visually through a photo essay, collage, or illustration.

Give us a rundown of the evolution of your favourite species of animal, or piece of technology, or genre of music, or anything else that you’re interested in.

Tell us about a transition you have experienced in your own life. This could be big and life-changing, or something a bit smaller that still means a lot to you.

Send your pitches and submissions to! Check out our contribute page for some general guidelines on what your work should look like (e.g., please only submit writing as a Word document).


Submissions close at midnight on Wednesday 18 May.