The final theme for 2022 is…



We’re really keen to see all of your unique takes on this theme and what “treasure” means to you. We’re open to all types of writing, art, and media, so go wild!

Note: Please send us a quick email with your pitch before sending in your submission! This helps give us an idea of where you want to go before you put in all the effort of creating a submission. Please also include any relevant content warnings for any sensitive content that your piece contains.

Feel free to follow your own idea (if the gears are already turning, check out the submission details below), but we’ve also got some optional prompts to inspire some ideas:


What’s really at the end of the rainbow?

Write a love letter to your best friend, your pet dog, your grandfather, your childhood teddy.

Write a listicle on the worst places to hide treasure. Or maybe show off your best hiding places. (Bonus points if you include an annotated map…). 

What’s the effect of the curse on your treasure? Can you get rid of it?

Tell us about your most prized “treasure”: a trophy, a souvenir, a memory. Why does it mean so much to you? Do other people view it the same way? Do they think it’s silly? What lengths did you go to, to obtain it?

Send your pitches and submissions to! Check out our contribute page for some general guidelines on what your work should look like (e.g., please only submit writing as a Word document).


Submissions close at midnight on Monday 18 July.