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On Firewatch, Conspiracy, and Horror

My first introduction to Firewatch was ironic actually.  I was out with some friends at a picnic, talking about the idea of a summer away from real life. What drives a person to flee like that? What does that ultimately do to a person? A friend told me he was in the middle of a game about exactly that, and – here was the clincher for me, the horror fanatic – It was getting spooky. Spoilers ahead.

Swinburne University Council Elections Open Now!

Words by Jared Berman Swinburne University Council is a board of people that votes on the future of Swinburne University. They assist the Chancellor and other high ranking staff at Swinburne. In the past they have voted on such issues like the closure of campuses. The people that sit on the board are the Chancellor themselves and various other council members, usually industry experts. The industry these people usually are experts in is business, and not education or even just current students. Elections for the student and staff reps of the Swinburne University Council are happening right now and conclude on June 29. I implore all students to cast their vote and have a say in who represents them. To that end you can read all the candidate statements here. The statements can be incredibly funny to read, like the incredible 7-word statement from Rakesh Parayil Parameswaran Nair, “I would like to serve as a council member”. Or Matueny Marial Luke Kerding’s statement, in which he admits to running for federal office for the seat …

Your Parents Are Human, Too

“I think it has to be a moment of weakness… like a person’s… human-ness I guess is shown with like, raw emotion. My Dad cried at my Grandpa’s funeral and I had never seen him like that before. He isn’t really one to let his feelings show, so when he let it all out like that I saw that he wasn’t just like, my Dad, he’s just another human being too.”