9 Highly Bingeable Shows (and a few films) that’ll ease the blow of self-isolation

Author: Grace Ashford Image courtesy of Netflix According to Urban dictionary, binge-watching occurs ‘when your life has no meaning, so you watch a f***load of Netflix in a depressingly short amount of time’.  While your life (hopefully) consists of a little meaning, in today’s current self-isolating climate, now would be a better time than everContinue reading “9 Highly Bingeable Shows (and a few films) that’ll ease the blow of self-isolation”

Digital learning Isn’t Necessarily ‘Smarter’ – Here’s Why

Author: Vishwa Patel Image by Santi Vendrí Back when tigers used to smoke, everything was paper based. Now, we are in the middle of a whirlpool of tech-dependent-living where ‘virtual is the new real’- and why not? In an era where switching to paperless options is feasible, quick and convenient; there’s barely any competition betweenContinue reading “Digital learning Isn’t Necessarily ‘Smarter’ – Here’s Why”

Social distancing a ‘dignified act’, but we must remember to stay connected

Author: Millicent Spencer Image by S O C I A L . C U T Keep your physical distance but stay emotionally connected to other people while COVID-19 rules, a Victorian GP has urged.  Dr Vyom Sharma, who has been active in educating people about social distancing via Twitter and on 3RRR, said it isContinue reading “Social distancing a ‘dignified act’, but we must remember to stay connected”

The Worldly Paradox

Author: Aisha Noorani Image by Austin Schmid Food, water, shelter, and clothing are crucial necessities for the survival of the human race. Yet community, freedom, love and peace are of equal importance for the sustenance of our overall wellbeing. An astounding one in five Australians experience mental illness annually, and almost half of the populationContinue reading “The Worldly Paradox”

Kill Bills: Vol. Recreation

Everyone deserves a little leisure time, even uni students struggling to balance study, work, and everything in between. But for many students, the terms ‘Bachelor’s Degree’ and ‘financially stable’ are often mutually exclusive. Devoting time and money to recreation can seem impossible when you’ve got a list of bills set to bleed your bank accountContinue reading “Kill Bills: Vol. Recreation”

All I know is working for free, so how can I ever think of charging?

Author: Ana Tinc Image by Arnel Hasanovic It’s a Friday, it’s Valentine’s Day, and I couldn’t be more excited to get through my workload and eagerly commence tonight’s festivities. We’re talking wood-fired pizza, a nice bottle of red, and soaking up love and affection from my other half. But then I did a thing. AContinue reading “All I know is working for free, so how can I ever think of charging?”