7 ways you can save money on food, without skimping on taste


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Author: Swinburne Student Union

Image courtesy of the Swinburne Student Union.

The SSU have recently set up the Free Feeds Program to help students who are facing food insecurity due to COVID-19. But whether this is a problem for you or not, food and alcohol expenditure forms one of the biggest dents in the average budget – second only to rent. 

Looking at ways to save a bit of money can only be a good thing, and we would love to help with the following suggestions! 

  1. Buy your fruit & vegetables at local fruit stores rather than supermarkets.

Local fruit shops and greengrocers are often up to four times cheaper than supermarket produce, especially when you’re shopping in season. These stores are also more likely to give you a deal on food that is slightly past its prime. Plus, there’s the added bonus of feeling good about supporting local business!

2. Buy frozen.

If you don’t have a local greengrocer close by, consider buying frozen fruits and vegetables. They often come at a largely reduced price, particularly when buying out of season, and last for longer. 

3. Use food waste apps like Bring Me Home

Bring Me Home is an app that lets you buy and pick up discounted surplus food from nearby cafes, restaurants, bakeries, and groceries/ supermarkets. Discounts are often 50 – 70% off. 

4. Search for codes & coupons. 

Before purchasing something online, make sure you look around for some discount codes and coupons. Here are a few codes to get your started: 

UberEats: $10 off your first order with Uber Eats with the code: LHACKERQ22

Woolworths: $10 off your first pickup order at Woolworths with the code: PICKUP10

and Hellofresh: Get 40% off your first HelloFresh box with the code: HFHACK40.

5. Check out social media accounts run by your local restaurants and cafes. 

Many businesses are offering special discounts and deals due to COVID-19. These won’t always show up in a Google search, so make sure you’re following your local stores on Facebook & Instagram to keep up to date on their latest deals. 

Prime example: The Counter Café near our Hawthorn campus is offering FREE small coffees to people negatively affected by COVID-19. 

6. Use restaurant deal apps like EatClub.

EatClub encourages restaurants to offer deals to customers for dining at slower ‘off-peak’ times, day and night. You can even use code ‘SWINBURNE’ to get a further 5% off. 

7. Shop the sales with apps like Wiselist

Wiselist helps you save time and money by tracking supermarket specials and comparing prices. The app also helps you create, and stick, to a food budget, with your very own shopping list, complete with price limits. 

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