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Swinburne University Council Elections Open Now!

Words by Jared Berman

Swinburne University Council is a board of people that votes on the future of Swinburne University. They assist the Chancellor and other high ranking staff at Swinburne. In the past they have voted on such issues like the closure of campuses.


The people that sit on the board are the Chancellor themselves and various other council members, usually industry experts. The industry these people usually are experts in is business, and not education or even just current students.

Elections for the student and staff reps of the Swinburne University Council are happening right now and conclude on June 29. I implore all students to cast their vote and have a say in who represents them. To that end you can read all the candidate statements here.

The statements can be incredibly funny to read, like the incredible 7-word statement from Rakesh Parayil Parameswaran Nair, “I would like to serve as a council member”. Or Matueny Marial Luke Kerding’s statement, in which he admits to running for federal office for the seat of Stirling in Western Australia on the Family First Party Ticket. If either of these people will best represent your interest to the Swinburne University governance, feel free to vote for them yourselves.



However, I highly recommend giving all the candidate statements a read – if you have the time and the stomach for all 40 of them. Obviously this journalist is highly biased in his decision on who to vote for, I will not tell you whom to vote for yourselves. But I would like to bring your attention to two candidates running, Brendan Spackman-Williams and Adnan Islam. I have worked with both of these student in the Swinburne Student Union, I worked with Brendan when he was president of the union last year and am working with him now as General Secretary, he is also endorsed by the SSU. Adnan was international rep up until recently and has stepped down from the SSU to pursue this position on the Swinburne University Council in addition to his various other council positions and extracurricular activities.

The point is, everyone should go vote before the cut of date of the 29th. Each student has been given a unique link to follow to access the voting website, search your student emails for one from Claire Hart as it may have slipped into your junk folder.

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