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Mind of Mine

Mind of Mine
RCA Records

Find it on: Spotify

From his X-Factor beginnings to his turbulent One Direction exit to his debut album, Zayn Malik has powered his brand with the art of minimalism.

Much like Lana Del Ray’s Ultraviolence did, Mind of Mine has become a selfsustaining engine that generates sales and discourse sheerly through black-andwhite Instagram posts. And like Lana, Zayn fully, unequivocally delivers.

The record’s streamlined brand of trap-pop crafts a relatively blank canvas that Zayn is more than able to dominate. From ballads (DzIt’s Youdz) to bops (DzLike I Dodz , DzBefourdz), Zayn covers a lot of ground, simultaneously remaining profanely candid and supremely unknowable.

Love him or hate him, Zayn’s progression to mononymous powerhouse drives home the point that, sometimes, less really is more.

Words by Jeremy Ponniah

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