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Join the Swinburne Aviation Society!

Swinburne Aviation Society (SAS) aims to deliver fun social and academic events at Swinburne. Over the course of the year we aim to provide inspiring and entertaining events ranging from panels with industry professionals, museum visits and career nights, to trivia nights and pub crawls. If you have an interest in aviation, are currently studying aviation, or just like travelling, this club is great to join, to expand your insight into this wonderful industry.

Swinburne Aviation Society is an organisation focused on giving aviation-minded students a fun social environment and providing additional support for gaining insight with aviation.

What have we done this year?

In late March we visited the Jetstar facilities at Melbourne Airport, Airport West and Collingwood. Boeing 787 engineering and maintenance was looked at and we discovered the key construction stages, developments and issues with Melbourne Airport’s new low-cost carrier terminal T4. Training equipment, simulators and exercises were looked at in Airport West; this gave future pilot students a sense of what prerequisites are required to work for a major airline.

At the Jetstar Headquarters located in Collingwood, the main area of focus was at the Jetstar Operations Control Centre, which we were shown around by the Operations manager in a variety of areas such as crewing, flight dispatch and passenger recovery.

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The Swinburne Aviation Society has an enormous emphasis on industry engagement, as well as social development and growth.

Drinks at the Hawthorn hotel are another important event that is held, with free drinks, goodies and prizes on offer. This makes it a great chance to meet others in a laid back environment, while reaping the benefits of your membership.

Your membership fee unlocks funding to great events that are occurring this year. Signing up is simple: log onto the SSAA website, search for the Swinburne Aviation Society and follow the prompts. Or you can just click here! You’ll need to register as a MySSAA member first.

Swinburne Aviation society has already done a lot this year, so come on and join in on the fun!

Words by Michael Samarin

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