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The Midsumma Pride March has been an annual traditional of the Midsumma Festival for years. I’ve always been a keen observer of the march but this year I decided head out to capture the joy and unity the march brings to Fitzroy Street and LGBTIQ people.

Of course, finding a spot to set my camera up was probably the most difficult part of the day, as Pride March’s audience seems to have grown ten fold. I managed to find a great spot parked right next to a very colourful dog which continuously captured captured the attention of every group that marched past. Just as the marchers brought joy to all watching, the smallest of observers did the same for them.

Swinburne’s own “SwinPride” group marched by; as well as many others, from the Victorian Emergency Services, to the fantastically fit Manhunt team.

There were the Drag Queens, religious communities and political party representatives, though it was humorous to note that whilst every group was applauded and cheered on their way through, an odd silence fell when the Liberal group marched past. Interesting.

This year’s theme of Marriage Equality was well followed, with wedding dresses, songs and couples all around. One of the individuals I photographed was wearing this exquisite dress and angel wings, a real sight to behold.

Events like these remind the LGBTIQ Community and wider Victorian community as a whole that Pride is about bringing people together and celebrating our differences.

Words and Photography: Alec Young

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