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Local Legends: Join The Resistance

Local Legends is SWINE’s local businesses section where we let you know about the best places around Swinburne to eat, drink, or just have fun.

The Resistance is a new bar and cafe nestled up an alleyway next to Glenferrie train station, well within pointing distance of Swinburne.

Just down from Oscar Mikes and directly across from Aussie Disposals, The Resistance is an exciting new venue that has a lot on offer to the Swinburne community, specifically students.  When you enter the front door of the new Hawthorn hot spot you become more than just a customer, you become a part of The Resistance,  a place that goes on its own clock and where worries of the outside world seem obsolete.

The reason The Resistance is such a great addition to the Swinburne community is that owner and manager Kona has made an open invite for any students to use the space. I went and spoke to Kona last week and he is excited at the prospect of getting Swinburne students involved. “We’re all about creating culture and community, thats what this whole place is based on, and you guys are a big part of that.”

Kona said that the space would be ideal for a Swinburne club gatherings, exhibition of a students art or anything of the like.  One Swinburne Film and TV student, Matt Young, is already working on plans for an open mic night at the venue starting next semester.

If the above doesn’t seem like something for you then I still double-dog-dare you to check this place out during the semester for a bite to eat, cheeky drink or a puff on a shisha.

Some of the big ticket menu items include The Legendary ‘Cubano’, one of the only of its kind in Australia. The Supremo De Resistance – a grass fed beef patty, caramelised onion, bacon, cheese, pineapple, cos lettuce, tomatoes, onions and their secret sauce on home made buns.  Head Chef Jay also highly recommends the mouth watering all day pancakes, Nacho Platter to share or even his orange chocolate soufflé for dessert.  The verdict from myself and all of my mates is that this place has some of the most amazing food we have ever tasted.

Its no secret that as students we love deals, specials, coupons on the back of Woolworths recipes or anything that might get us 20 cents off a purchase, so if the back of your pocket is not bulging with dollars, 5-7pm weekdays when The Resistance has half price cocktails and $5 bottles of beer is the best time for you to check it out.
The Resistance Bar and Cafe, 6/672 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn.

Words by Jonathan Boadle

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